August Favorites + Minimalist Wardrobe | How Wearing Neutrals Help Me Deal With Anxiety

I have a secret. And it's staring right at you.

Can you spot what's unique about my wine glass?

Also, on this neutral, casual outfit below!

plus size black women boyfriend jeans forever 21 locs natural hair bodysuit sylene syljoe

Before we dive into today's blog post about my minimalist wardrobe here's a run down on my AUGUST favorites!


Wine Glass: Michely Unbreakable Stemmed Wine Glasses

What I'm watching: 'Schitts Creek' Season 1

Podcasts I'm Listening To: Hey, We Need To Talk Pod (shameless plug)

Artists I'm Listening to: Giveon and Nao

Favorite Thing: My affordable yet sturdy tripod

Zara Bodysuits: Halterneck Bodysuit $19.99 U.S. (I bought mine at the physical store and I'm not finding the exact one online, but this link is pretty similar with the same price with a variety of colors!)

Boyfriend Jeans: Forever 21+ Plus Size Premium Jeans $29.99 U.S.

Hey there!

I'm dedicating a spot on my blog for monthly favorites and there's a couple of things I'm just raving about for the month of August.

At the top of my list is a wine glass that's my go to for everything from water to orange juice to my favorite red wine. My love for Shonda Rhimes' Scandal fueled my hunt for the perfect long-stemmed wine glass with a unique bowl and rim. Olivia Pope was renowned for her wardrobe, but her wine glasses always stole the show for me.

Because I believe in affordable luxury, I'd cop cheap wine glasses from the local grocery. But because I'm clumsy I'd break them in no time. Plus, they weren't the sturdiest kitchen ware.

I browsed amazon to see if there were wine glasses that were:

  1. Affordable

  2. Made of Plastic (aka sturdy and unbreakable)

  3. Had a unique shape

Well I guess I got more bang for my buck cause apparently these ones are dishwasher safe! Guess who doesn't have a dishwasher? Yup! This gyal right here. Nonetheless, I bought a set of two and I haven't been disappointed! They're luxurious and clumsy girl friendly (because Issa Rae was definitely thinking of me when she wrote Awkward Black Girl). Red wines haven't stained the plastic and I can bougie-ly watch Schitts Creek while sip-sip-sipping merlot.

P.S. This wine glass is truly unbreakable! (I've accidentally tested it a few times)

Click here to purchase!

Now for my affordable wardrobe finds.


I'm ashamed to say I hate shopping.

I have a unique pear-shaped body and my weight yo-yo's a lot. It's a struggle trying on clothes and I give up after half an hour.

But I know the importance of dressing well and that a cute, comfortable outfit is a great way to cheer a gal up.

My closet has been relatively the same for the best part of 10 years. No, I don't mean in style I mean literally the same pieces. I figured it was time for a change.

It's no secret by now that I'm an advocate for mental health because I suffer with frequent bouts of depression and anxiety. There's a spectrum of undiagnosed labels that travel with so many of us. Wherever that lands me, I know that minimalism helps me maintain my mental wellness.

I'm intimidated by large closets and large wardrobes. Organization is not my strong suit so my method of minimizing mess is cutting the excess!

A big part of my advocacy is how persons struggling to upkeep and maintain their mental health are seldom believed that they're suffering. And because there's still that stigma attached I have to ensure that my disorganized thoughts aren't reflected on my person or space. To achieve that I have to keep things ridiculously simple, including my wardrobe.

I'm talking alternating between 5 pairs of pants, 3 pairs of shoes and 12 shirts "simple."

And it works!

I've slowly shaved my closet down to a handful of pieces and either donated the rest or put them into storage.

I've committed to neutral body suits, even-seemed crop tops and comfortable pants because they make my life easier.

plus size black women boyfriend jeans forever 21 locs natural hair bodysuit sylene syljoe Zara Body Suit and Forever 21 Boyfriend Jeans
Zara Bodysuit and My Forever 21+ Boyfriend Jeans

plus size black women boyfriend jeans forever 21 locs natural hair bodysuit sylene syljoe
Random crop top from Rainbow and my Forever 21+ boyfriend jeans

Of course part of me wishes that I could have the stuffed, organized closets of my Caribbean counterparts, but the thought gives me hives.

I've embraced that the world will be seeing me in similar iterations of the same outfits for the next few years and I'm okay with that.

A couple of those outfits will include:

  1. My Forever 21 Boyfriend Jeans

  2. 1 Black + 1 Nude Zara Bodysuit

Oh! And do ignore the fact I wore the WRONG bra with my bodysuit this day. But I love how this shows my accentuated curves in these jeans!

plus size black women boyfriend jeans forever 21 locs natural hair bodysuit sylene syljoe

Wherever you are on your self love and self care journey just remember that simplicity CAN be luxurious AND inexpensive.

You DESERVE that.